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TSA nominee mislead Congress

From the Washington Post. Erroll Southers, President Obama’s nominee to head the Transportation Security Adminstration, told two tales which obviously are inconsistent.  Of course, he says his inconsistencies about his conduct were “inadvertent.”  

Here’s what he did: Twenty years ago when he was with the FBI, his wife moved in with a boyfriend, so he accessed a federal database to snoop on the boyfriend.  That was illegal.  The WaPo tries to sugar-coat his breaking of the law by writing that his actions were “possibly in violation of privacy laws…”  No “POSSIBLY” about it–they were a clear violation. 

Then he lied about it to the U.S. Senate.  Back in October 2009 he claimed in an affidavit–that is a document sworn to under oath— to a Senate committe that he had asked someone in the local police to access the records for him, and he described it as an “isolated” incident.  He was trying to distance himself and make the offense less egregious.  In other words, “I didn’t actually do it, and it only happened once.” 

But it turns out that he, himself, accessed the records. And not just once–an “isolated” incident–but twice.  Is that  two “isolated” incidents? Or a pair of isolated incidents.  Or just the only two times he got caught? Reminds me of the song “The twelve days of Christmas.”  “…Two “isolated” incidences, and a perjury in  Congress.”  Maybe we can get some songwriter to finish it for me.   Continue reading

RUN, don’t walk, to “The Other McCain” (Robert Stacy McCain and his blog-sidekick SMITTY)

Hmm. My only question is, when I link to “Rule 5”, which page do I link to? 

Smitty sez, "Make mine milk"

No, WAIT!  I have one more question: When will Smash Mouth Politics join the elite blogs who are included within “The Other McCain’s” blogroll?  (Am I gonna have to hit the tip jar before that happens? I can, you know. Maybe in a few weeks, if this big case comes through…)  UPDATE: I can now die in peace.  Smash Mouth made it to the blog roll.  Hey, uh, Smitty, can we just forget what I wrote about hitting the tip jar?  Times are hard.  Health care costs are so high. Umm, ugh, maybe later?


Come on, give us some of your New Year’s Predictions.

1.  I predict that the Democrats get their asses handed to them in the 2010 elections.  The party has been hijacked by the most extreme left-wing elements of the party.  This country is fed up with Nancy Pelosi/Harry Reid cram-it-down-our-throats government.  The good Democrats, the America-loving, hard-working, conservative Democrats will desert the party in droves, and many independents will do what they do, float towards the party out of control.  Where else you guys gonna go? The Democrat party is nothing like it used to be just a few decades ago. Continue reading

I regret not having served in the military

This might as well be a picture of me when I was young

If I had one thing to do over in life, I would choose to serve in some capacity.  The only two times I ever considered it was right after high school graduation, and again in the last weeks of law school.  The first time, I was unemployed with no direction during the summer after high school graduation.  Michigan’s umemployment rate was probably near an all-time high.  A buddy who graduated the year before entered the Marines and was temporarily a recruiter. He called me twice and tried to talk me into it.  I was a young punk, and fearless (or just stupid), but there were no wars going on.  The Democrats had already sold out the South Vietnamese and Saigon had fallen the year before.  There was no draft, and no law then even requiring young men to sign up for the draft.  Continue reading