Isreal about to do what the rest of the world refuses to do.

Bomb the hell out of Iran’s nuclear weapons program.  Isreal recently recalled all of its diplomats from all around the world (so they can’t be attacked, taken hostage, or worse, after the attack). 

Today it is reported in Reuters that four Israeli jets were fired at for “flying low” over Lebanon.  Hint: Israeli jets would have to fly over some Moslem country to reach Iran.  They bombed an Iraqi nuclear facility in 1981.  That time they flew low over Saudi Arabia to reach Iraq.  Not sure where the nuclear facilities are in Iran, but it looks like they may be planning to fly over Lebanon, then Jordan, and then Iraq, to reach Iran.  Wonder if our Joker Commander in Chief will have our boys oppose them when they fly over Iraq?  Gotta stick up for his Islam homeys.  It was reported by the UK Telegraph as early as February ’07 that the Israelis were negotiating with the U.S. for the right to fly over Iraq to attack Iran.  But we have a different Sheriff in town now.  Obama would lose over half his base if he permitted Israel to fly over Iraq.  You don’t have to be a genius at M.I.T. to figure how they might pull this off, but it helps.

Now it is breaking news that Iran is trying to smuggle raw uranium from Kazakhstan.  Drat! I thought George W. Bush wasn’t President any more? Where are these false intelligence reports coming from?  So  be careful you Iranian dictators!  President Obama might SANCTION you!

2 responses to “Isreal about to do what the rest of the world refuses to do.

  1. Looks like a well researched post. What a mess!

    I wonder what the Israelis will try. They have had plenty of time to prepare a special package for Iran.

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