Alan Grayson Is Nuts!

A website committed to throwing Cong. Grayson out, called mycongressmanisnuts attempts to raise money to throw this moron out of office.  He responds by sending a letter to Atty. Gen. Holder asking her to be prosecuted.  Hey, Eric, come git some from me too!

2 responses to “Alan Grayson Is Nuts!

  1. What the congressman’s letter shows is the problem with getting the government involved with nonprofits via income taxes. Just by itself income taxes is asking for trouble. Income taxes complicate tax collection and make it too easy for politicians to play favorites.

    Want to be audited? If your website every gets popular enough, do not be suprised when it happens.

  2. Good point. Or, even if it never gets popular, if I p!ss off the wrong Congressman.

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