EPA agents to be armed with Glock 19s??

with an optional 33 round magazine? whoa!

WTH? This sounds like a joke. Or at least a bad administration planning to jam some unwanted regulation down our throats.  “Hey lady, you breathing too much CO2.  I’m gonna have to cap your arse.”  

from http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2009/12/epa-acquiring-semi-auto-handguns.html.

2 responses to “EPA agents to be armed with Glock 19s??

  1. I beg to differ, its a great idea. They should put together a CO2 enforcement kit comprising a sensor, an amped up tazer and an M1911 with hollow points.

    Then, in order to prove that the administration’s goal is to benefit humanity and demonstrate that enforcement will be egalitarian in nature, EPA should train a strike team of retired marines and send them to Capitol Hill. Those sensors would zero in on Pelosi and Co. (although it would be best to do this on Al Gore visitation day), one verbal warning later and shes down on the House floor doing the electric chicken . When she writhes too close to the nearest jarhead, a double tap right between the eyes.

    That would “kill” all this crap and trade nonsense inside half an hour.

  2. Mom is my kinda gal!

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