Tony Blair admits that he would have favored invading Iraq even without evidence of WMD

Finally.  For those of you with short memories, I remember how it was leading up to the invasion of Iraq.  The case to invade did not rise and fall on the existence of  WMD.  That was only one reason of many.  In fact, some liberals used the believed existence of  WMD as a major reason for not invading–because WMD would be used and we would suffer too many casualties.  This exposed the hypocrisy in at least those liberals–they would not have supported an invasion whether or not there were WMD–when they then used the non – existence of WMD to claim that Bush Lied, Troops Died.

The truth is that Saddam was a known threat to the stability of the region. He had previously used WMD on his own people. He lied to his own generals, making them believe that he had WMD (as it turns out he was trying to protect his country from Iraq).  He did everything in his power to prevent the weapons inspectors from doing their jobs.  For those too young to know, or who conveniently forgot, he even kicked the inspectors out during Bubba Clinton’s regime.  The vast majority of politicians believed before the invasion that Saddam had WMD.  That was not some lie cooked up by GWB.   

The real lie was perpetuated by the left, once it became apparent that there were not actually WMD in Iraq.  Instead of thanking God that there were none, since it prevented our boys from being killed in mass numbers, the left began to perpetuate a big lie to the world, namely that the only reason we invaded was the Bush Administration’s claim that Saddam possessed WMD.  That just was not true. Sadly, the Bush Administration sat back and did next to nothing while the left, and their enablers in the mainstream media, ran with that lie for the remainder of Bush’s presidency.

Look how the left is treating Iran.  They don’t want an invasion, or

Dems lied, idiots believed it

any bombing, or any sanctions, to prevent Iran from obtaining nukes.  If we are to prevent them from obtaining nukes, obviously we would have to invade before they obtain them. If we wait to invade until they have them, it will be too late.  Likewise, the time to keep Saddam from obtaining more WMD, or re-instituting his WMD programs, was before he had enough to kill our troops.  You might oppose the Iraq invasion, but do so based on facts, honestly, without resorting to the lie that “Bush Lied, Troops Died.”

One response to “Tony Blair admits that he would have favored invading Iraq even without evidence of WMD

  1. I am tired of this issue, but I suppose it will be a while before it dies. So I will add this. There was no rush to war (another idiot Liberal refrain). We waited 12 years for Saddam Hussein to comply with the UN’s terms. He didn’t.

    After terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center, we did not have much of choice in the matter. Hussein had to go. Consider the example the event provided Hussein. Imagine a string of attacks on the scale of the destruction of the World Trade Center. With relatively little effort, Hussein knew he could provide terrorists the means to cost us tens of thousands of lives hundreds of billions of dollars. All he had to do was entrust the scum of the earth with weapons of mass destruction. Since Hussein was already one of their company…….

    Hussein started two unprovoked wars. He used chemical weapons against his own people. We knew him to be a menace and capable of great evil. That is why I relunctantly agreed with President George W. Bush; I supported the invasion. Yet Democrats could not stand any cuts in social spending. They also could not allow Republicans any war victory that might translate into votes on election day. So with a string of ridiculous holier than thou complaints, they undermined the war effort.

    We won in Iraq spite of this “loyal opposition” — at least until Democrats won the election. Now we have to worry whether the fools believe their own propaganda. Will the idiots seize defeat from the jaws of victory? Only time will tell.

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