Ashley Judd loves her some Smash Mouth!

Not wanting my male liberal readers to feel left out, I bring them a little Robert Stacy McCain (and smiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitty) Rule 5 liberal love.   She doesn’t need the proverbial bag over her head, she needs a gag.  But that’s ALL she needs, in my book!   [Ahhhh, for the good old days, before I learned that she was another mindless liberal!] 

Go Wildcats


This post inspired by The Classic Liberal’s Rule 5 post another of my favorite actresses (obviously not for her acting ability) ,  Jessica Biel.

7 responses to “Ashley Judd loves her some Smash Mouth!

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  2. For as long as I can remember, I cannot think of a white woman who always enticed me more than Ashley Judd. None of us are getting any younger, but she improves with age. I am an African-american, and I don’t go around complimenting out my race, and I wouldn’t be wrong if I did, but Ashley Judd is just freaking beautiful. Gorgeous

  3. I agree with DayDay. Ashley Judd does get prettier with age.

  4. The only picture I’ve ever seen of Tricia gets prettier with age…Or is it the more I look at it the prettier she gets? Tell us Tricia, how long ago was it, and what do we have to do to see a current picture?

  5. You really know how to make a girl blush, John Doe. The picture was taken almost three years ago when I was 32.

  6. I thought I should mention that there has been no airbrushing, retouching or photoshop used.

  7. Captain John Doe

    Sorry, Tricia, but regarding possible airbrushing etc., that is something that we here at Smash Mouth simply cannot accept on faith. The ONLY way to prove that ain’t so is to fly down here, all expenses paid, and allow some unbiased observer, namely ME, to observe the truth. Only then can your untarnished reputation for beauty and brains remain intact. Just let me know when and the ticket will be in the mail. Only the skimpiest of bikinis are necessary this time of year…

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