al gore poetry

Man, THIS is some great stuff! From the READERS of Vanity Fair.  Incredible. In over a hundred comments, not a single comment in support of this fraud! [My favorite is the very last one.]

“There once was a man named Gore; Whom Progressives and Greenpeace Adore; Yet data was found lacking; Due to computer hacking; And the ‘truth’ is now ‘inconvenient’ no more!”

“Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m freezing my ass off, Wish you Al, were too.”

“There once was a great deceiver.
Who claimed the planet had fever.
While blackening the skys,
With his limos and Gulfstream G5’s
He has made me a Global Warming non-believer”

“There once was a man-bear-pig from Tennessee.
Who’s life was an example of moonbattery.
He said with a grin.
To exhale CO2 is a sin.
Now we all have to live in poverty.”

[“The Fleecing”] “Come, gather round, you bleating flock. The pitying shepherds ache to Cut loose thy over warm and wooly coats.”

“There once was a crook named Algore, who tried to make you & me poor, Got caught in his lies, now America’s wise, and Algore’s just a Carbon bore whore …”

“Over past the iceberg, right past the mists, what do we see now, fraudulent climatologists. Look to the phoney facts, look to the lies, there’s nothing wrong with the earth or even with the skies. They try to cover up, they try to ignore, what they say is fact, is just more money for Gore. They will not tell the truth, they will not tell it now. If they told what they really know, we would all just say, wow! Pulling such a scam on inhabitants of this earth, should land them all in prison, just for what it’s worth. He has nothing to say, no words of his own, so he has to recite poetry, because all he can do is groan.”

“Al Gore made haste on summer’s eve, to coin a phrase and make believe, that all was lost unless we act, to buy his lies and make a pact. Where devils praise and fools abound, the monster draws its last great sound, as if to scream at lungs own limit, Al Gore the great, is but a dimwit! Climate change or global warming, Volcano’s bulge will send the warning, eruption’s blast and vapor’s vale, puts in perspective Al Gore’s tale. Yes, Al Gore had an exciting year, but hind site makes the vision clear, given Oscar and Nobel for who knows what? Al’s limelight dimmed and then went out.”

“There once was a man named Gore.. his lies were truly a bore.. Global warming was his claim… although his science was lame… And great scamming his game…God save us from the “great” Al Gore…”

“Al Gore is such a bore. That’s all; I’ll say no more.”

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