Tiger likes his women just a little on the trashy side…

A litte of Robert Stacy McCain’s (and Smitty’s)  Rule 5 Saturday, dedicated to every Tiger ho out there.  Will any trashy lookin woman out there who hasn’t banged Tiger please raise your hand? To maximize your Rule 5 viewing pleasure, play “I like my women just a little on the trashy side” while ogling Tigers’ trashy hos.

Here’s Tiger’s voicemail message to one of his skanks. “Do this for

Jaimee Skank, er Grubbs

me. Huge. Quickly…”

Rachel Collagen Lips, er Uchitel

Rachel U

AWWWW! THE POOR TRAMP JAMIMEE GRUBBS FEELS “CHEATED” ON!  “Grubbs came forward earlier this week to say she had a 31-month affair with the married sports star.

“She told her story to US Weekly after reading claims in the National Enquirer that Woods had a secret tryst with Uchitel in Australia last month.”

“To see that he was inviting another girl to Australia, it hurts. I’m still bitter about it,” she said. Last night a friend of Grubbs claimed she had said Woods was “horrible in bed”. Krista Grubb told The Sun the cocktail waitress “wasn’t nice” about him.”  [Sounds like a two stroke penalty for his balls being out of bounds!] 

Meanwhile, speculation grew that still more women were likely to come forward with claims they had flings with the golfer.

Kalika Moquin. I'm sensing a pattern: T-R-A-S-H-Y

Kalika (WHAT the hell kind of name is that??)

And this is what he had at home--definitely NOT trashy!

To see more Rule 5 about Elin Woods, see here.

UPDATE: 12/7/09–from Moejackson [and yes, there are more of her there], at the risk of ruining my theme (because seeing this pic, some of you Neanderthal’s will likely think this chick is not trashy…

Rachel "cameltoe" Uchitel

4 responses to “Tiger likes his women just a little on the trashy side…

  1. An ordinary shmoe

    Tiger WTF were you thinking … Here you have this drop dead gorgeous wife at home … and you mess around with … bimbos?


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  3. unapologeticallyalpha

    A whore is a queen in disguise.

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