Chelsea Clinton Bikini

A little Rule, uh, uh, um.  No, I can’t call this Rule 5 action!  This is for all the liberals out there who worship Chelsea!  We’ll call it Rule 5(u)(ii)(1 ugly spawn).

Sorry, nope, that first one wasn’t Chelsea. HERE’S Chelsea!


A little something to wash Chelsea out of your minds...

6 responses to “Chelsea Clinton Bikini

  1. Does her fiance NOT understand that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree…and when it hits the ground, it turns to MUSH !

  2. He. Must. Bee nuts.

  3. He. Must. Not. Have. Any !

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  5. If her lastname wasn’t Clinton,
    She would b white trash.
    I’m just saying

    • You’re apparently trash to trash her this way. She has more class in her pinky finger than you have in your entire family, idiot!!

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