“Cap and Trade” and Obama Care will cost trillions

but liberals fear Beck, Palin and DobbsThe Obama Administration has privately estimated that Cap and Trade could cost each American household $1,761 per year–$100 to $200 billion dollars to the entire economy per year.  The higher figure is “the equivalent of hiking personal income taxes by about 15 percent.”

The House Bill for Obama Care will cost $1.2 trillion and won’t even cover all Americans by the year 2015–and will put those in jail who wilfully refuse to participate.

Obama plans to make all illegal immigrants legal.  And he has drastically reduced the number of prosecutions against illegal aliens.

But liberals are concerned about Palin, Beck and Dobbs. Liberals demonize and dehumanize and sexualize them in order to neutralize them.  But none of those three can raise your taxes, put you in jail, or ruin the U.S. economy.  All that they have are ideas, and the right to express their opinions.  And possibly to influence public opinion to oppose the massive tax increases that the Democrats are foisting upon our society.  No wonder liberals fear them!

One response to ““Cap and Trade” and Obama Care will cost trillions

  1. bullshit. I have seen people claim that Columbus day is becoming less popular because the atheist democrats are smearing him because he is a minor prophet and this is even more ridiculous. You are claiming that the democrats put the Palin pics out? Yeah, I’m sure that the Democrats told Hustler to create Palin Porn. Where do you get your information? Where does it say that people who do not participate in the healthcare plan will be jailed. Also, how do you propose we get money to do things other than taxation. We still pay for a war that Bush started who’s net cost is approaching ONE QUADRILLION DOLLARS! What the hell should we do oh knower of all solutions. Please tell me because I am dying to know. You act like all of countries functions are run by the executive branch. honestly I would focus on the legislative and judicial. Combined they hold more power than the executive. This is so useless. Why bitch about a plan that is proposed that isn’t even passed by the president.

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