Liberals fear Glenn Beck the boogey man

Beck should be fired, per the L.A. Times: His sin?  “…voter registration drives, training in community organizing and a series of regional conventions that will produce a “100-year plan” for America to be read from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to a mass rally Aug. 28.”  

Oh no! Lions and Tigers and Bears, OH MY!  Sounds like what ACORN does, if you ask me.  I don’t hear liberals whining and complaining about ACORN.  Instead, liberals want them given millions in taxpayer money to keep up their good work.  But let Glenn Beck attempt such a thing, and some twit from the L.A. Times wants Fox to fire him; he compares him to Father Coughlin back in the ’30s; and calls Beck a Demigogue. 

I’d say the demigogue is  you, you stupid bastard liberal. Beck has as much right as the most moronic progressive to promote his view of America. The fact that you and the anti-Defamation Leauge don’t like it is immaterial and irrelevant. 

Another Beck quote: “I know that the bipartisan corruption in Washington that has brought us to this brink and it will not be defeated easily. It will require unconventional thinking and a radical plan to restore our nation to the maximum freedoms we were supposed to have been protecting.”

WHO in their right mind could disagree with such language. It’s true, 100% true.  The politicians have stolen this country and are using it as their personal piggy bank, paying off their allies, using tax payer money to get re-elected, and to feather their retirement nests.  I don’t agree with everything the man says, but when he speaks the truth I agree with him, no matter  how much progressives whine about it.

2 responses to “Liberals fear Glenn Beck the boogey man

  1. Beck is such a joke. He is worse than any conspiracy theorist I have ever heard. And that is what he is, a conspiracy theorist. Oh no, ACORN will kill us all, buy bottled water and head for the bunkers. People who listen to him seem to think anyone who writes on a chalkboard is god. He’s worse than Ol’ Billo

  2. Lipton T. Bagg

    Tom, welcome. We enjoy the occasional mindless liberal who wanders to visit us.

    Beck can be over the top. I’m on record as stating as much. But more often than not, Beck is also RIGHT. And I believe that underneath the hyperbole is a man who genuinely cares about the health and well-being of America. That is absolutely not true of idiots like Michael Moore, Oliver Stone, Sean “Fidel” Penn and, oh BTW, the man masquerading as POTUS.

    And along with being (mostly) correct and patriotic, he’s commercially successful. Which drive Fiberals bonkers! What it comes down to is Beck simply doesn’t give a rat’s ass for Liberals. Can’t say I blame him in that regard….

    ACORN is a socialist organization which is designed for one purpose and one purpose only: creation of a permanent under class from which Liberals can derive a reliable voting block. Want a visual analogy? Imagine the vampire blood warehouse in Blade 3. People kept barely alive via government subsidies and handouts – all so Democrats can suck votes from them on demand. It’s a sick, insidious way to suck the life out of people, our economy and the middle class.
    All in the quest of unending political power.

    But thanks for coming by to share the party line with us. We at Smash Mouth LOVE humor….


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