There’s (still) something about Mary Landrieu

When the stuck pigs squeal, see here, here here and here for example, you know you are hitting the mark. 

And when something gets taken down (here is what was up before being taken down) from Time Magazine’s blog, with this message:


“A photo illustration included in a recent post about Sen. Mary Landrieu was in poor taste and not up to the standards of TIME or  We regret the error.”

Mary, there's some semen in your hair.

 There is a reason I don’t read “Time” or its silly blog.  But hey, even “The Boss,”  Michelle Malkin, denounced the use of calling Landrieu a whore and using reference to semen in her hair for being such a whore. Sorry, Boss, I have to disagree. I don’t agree with the liberals calling conservatives whores, but they do. I’m not gonna keep on the gloves while they fight with their fists. I’m not bringing a knife to a gun fight.  Screw the liberals. Fight back.  Senator Mary Landrieu, you filthy whore. 

I'm not a Senator. I have morals and ethics.

Senator Landrieu, would you screw the American People for $100 $200 $300 million dollars?

Hmmm. Maybe. At least let’s put the Bill up for discussion.  Wink wink.

Senator Mary Landrieu, would you screw the American People for $20.00?

Hurumphhh! No! What do you think I am?

We’ve already established what you are–a whore–now we are just haggling over the price.

p.s. THANK GOD FOR THE BLOGS!  I googled “Mary Landrieu whore” and got pages of blogs calling the bitch a whore! Thank God for our troops, who protect our Freedom of Speech.  Unfortunately, we can’t tar and feather her and kick her out of Washington. But her name has become synomymous with whore.

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