Michelle Obama Monkey Face

I recently got a lot of  hits on an old post for no reason (and a lot of liberals started showing up) so I investigated.  Turns out a google photo search of Michelle Obama turned up a photo of her as a monkey.  The reason that this blog was receiving so many hits on an old post was that on the first page of a google search of “Michelle Obama Monkey” a photo from that post came up on the first page. Natch, do-gooder liberals were coming here to view first-hand what a racist blog this was.  Of course, what they found was an article pooh-poohing their whining about a “racist” cartoon about their Beloved Leader, and pointing out that the liberals early and often compared GW Bush to a monkey.  What’s good for the gander and all.

But the REAL story here is the hypocrisy of Google!  They APOLOGIZED  that the picture of Michelle the Monkey even came up in a photo search!  Oh Boo-Fricken Hoo!  I don’t see them apologizing to conservatives.  A google search of “George Bush” brings up as the second photo one of him eating a live kitten.  Another on the first page shows him as a monkey.

"George Bush eating a kitten"

A google search of “Laura Bush” reveals this revealing (about what scum liberals are) photo of her. 

A google image search of “Rush Limbaugh” shows him doing a bogus Oxycontin commercial (“I couldn’t get through my day without it” and “No prescription required.”), one of him next to a woman with her boob hanging out, and yet another with a cartoon about him being on drugs, and another with him having a tongue longer than Gene Simmons’.

Ann Coulter” gets similar liberal love.  Her second photo shows her bound up and gagged. Another on the first page suggests that she is a man, and another portrays her as a Nazi. 

But heaven forbid that

Michelle Obama be portrayed as a monkey! WHOA NO! That would be racist. 

Since she is black. And does sorta look like a monkey!

You see, some of us have long memories. WE REMEMBER how you frickin liberals treated George Bush. You set the bar low. So I will NEVER condemn a conservative, ANY conservative, for playing by the rules  that you scum set during the past eight years.  I never heard any complaints by liberals back then. Or any condemnation. And I don’t see Google apologizing for similar treatment of conservatives.  Screw all ya’ll.

Hey hey we're the Monkeys

25 responses to “Michelle Obama Monkey Face

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  2. Portraying Mrs. Obama as a monkey is part of free speech.
    Google doesn’t need to apologize.
    If anything, it does go to show that racism is still very much alive and well in this country….despite those who say that America is a country where everyone is equal.

    There are Americans who hate gays, blacks, Jews, Muslims, foreigners…you name the group and we have someone who hates them.

    Lesson learned: We should clean up our own house before we start telling other countries how to live.

  3. Just because she is portrayed as a monkey does not prove that the person(s) responsible is a racist. It may be, it might not be.

    It is just as plausible to me that they are responding to the treatment of GW Bush. The liberals opened up this can of worms. Nobody said it was “racist” when it was about GW. It was obvious that it was hatred, that they were trying to insult him. Many people hate the Obamas for their perceived anti-American, socialist attitudes.

    It does not follow that just because monkey has been a traditional racial slur against blacks, because monkey has been a traditional slur used against whites as well, to indicate that the person is a moron, or a dope.

    I read the Richmond Times on microfische regarding the days leading up to and after the election of Abe Lincoln. He was called more than once a monkey. You can’t just say oh, it’s ok to call whites a monkey–that’s not racism–but then classify every time a black is called a monkey as racism.

  4. I totally agree!!

    People who found pictures of GWB portrayed as a monkey absolutely hilarious, are now suddently horrified by the “racist” picture of Michelle Obama. DOUBLE STANDARDS! The racisms exists in their heads, not in the pictures!

    BTW, Google went a little further than just apologizing. They just removed all pictures of Michelle Obama that maybe considered offensive that appear when you do a simple name search. Good luck finding them..

  5. He he. I put added the picture to the top of this post after I read your comment, Anonymous! Thanks.

  6. is it something in the water that creates people like you? something toxic? perhaps you should take the medication.

  7. Is it something in your hormone level that creates people like you? They have testosterone shots that they can give you to supply what your lack of balls fails to supply.

  8. english -living in the uk. born in london, half irish. white.

    couldnt give a fuck who’s your president, up to you guys. dont no any of you personally BUT on the off chance any of you are racist then your obviously a c**t whos parents couldn’t raise flour let alone a child. and to the comment above about the obamas, ‘being anti-american’, what exactly is american then?? being racist, fat, stupid, arrogant, gun wielding maniacs who assume the whole world revolves around the usa!?

    -that is called stereo-typing. much like the idea that a black person cannot be smart enough to be president and that they all look like monkeys.

    i have nothing against america or americans. like the country, wouldnt mind living there one day. this message is just directed at any racist’s out there, AND anyone stupid enough to be unable to see the difference between calling bush a monkey and obama. there are no rules, its just common sense.

    -you can call your mum a slut, but that doesnt mean anyone else can.
    make sense? no
    understood? yes

    if u cant see the racism in the photo, regardless of portraying bush as a monkey also, i dont even feel sorry for you. your too stupid and ignorant to be worth the time.
    americans arent racist – cunts are.

  9. MikeAlex, first, work on your grammar, son. People don’t respect and/or listen to dumbfucks who can’t use the Queen’s English properly. Just cuz yer Irish (I’m certicerticerticertiFIIIIED to be at least 1/4 Irish) doesn’t mean I’ll excuse you for sounding dumb.

    I too have no respect for racists. But just cuz you and a bunch of liberals call something racist don’t make it so. I say the world is flat and the Irish don’t don’t alcoholic beverages. You wanna fight about it?

  10. Let’s quit bickering over partisan politics. Can’t we agree that they BOTH look like monkeys?

    I also agree with your point about people’s short memories. I think a lot of people forgot about how low the bar was set in the 8 years under Bush.

  11. Dont make funny face, monkey face!!

  12. HERE IS WHY IT IS NOT A DOUBLE STANDARD. We live in a society over run by white SUPREMACY. Where whites are in power.
    Whites do not have the same legacy of SLAVERY, DISCRIMINATION, RACE hatred, etc. I say this and I am white you know this wrong. HOW ABOUT YOU’RE A PALE MONKEY THAT WANTS TO GET “COLORED” A TAN? IF WE HATE BLACKS, WHY DO WE COPY THEM? WE TAN, THEY ARE COLORED NATURALLY.

    • I would call you a dumbass, but it would be an affront to dumbasses every where. Whites were slaves before Blacks. Read your history. Slavery is as old as the history of humankind. And as far as tanning…there’s no frickin way you could stay in a tanning booth or lay out in the sun long enough to get the same skin pigment as a Black person. It’s called Melanin and there’s a difference between Caucisoids, Mongoloids, and Negroids. Get an education boy before you spout off.

  13. Lipton T. Bagg

    The preceding has been a public service announcement provided to assist morons and frontal lobotomy patients everywhere (Liberals fall into either group, according to his or her own afflictions).

    We thank by our own MrG for his wisdom.

    (Smash Mouth PSA Coordinator)

  14. Hey gents…

    Gambits are often risky…

    However; when they actually work…yer often promoted…!

  15. Lipton T. Bagg

    The sad reality (and perhaps the original intent) was to highlight the double standard between Fiberals and everyone else.

    They consider the pictures of Bush funny and the pictures of Michelle heresy. I’m sorry, but you can’t have it both ways.

    So if you prescribe to the “take the high road” plan, I’m there to walk it with you. However, for those who want their insults plus insulation from same for people on their team – allow me to offer you a cold frosty glass of “kiss my ass”. I don’t and won’t play like that.

    One man’s opinion of course – YVVM

  16. I think it’s really ridiculous to try to act offended after so much slime and filth has been tossed at President George W Bush. Michelle and Barack DO, indeed, look more simian~like. It’s plain and obvious. Of course, liberals would want us to negate that which is staring us in the face: Barack and Michelle look like a pair of pavement apes.

  17. Liberals continue to go ape over this post, no matter how old this is.

  18. Damn, I ain’t no racist, but our First Lady looks like a chimp who got his banana taken away.

  19. Omg Michelle looks so much like an ape. How funny. I never paid attention since our gov is pure bs and lies but I saw an ape at the zoo today and I swear to god it look just like Michelle Obama. And guess what the apes name was Michelle!!! How funny. Michelle obama is a total ape look at her big jaw and protruding forehead and long arms which her knuckles do actually touch the ground. Not sure if she drags her knuckles on the ground I’m guessing someone told her not drag her knuckles when she walks when the cameras are on her. And look at her pigeon toed walk. She is barely able to walk up right. Watch her she talks and looks and smells like a damn ape in the zoo. Give her a banana and she will be happy. And she’s an ugly ape at that.

  20. First monkey is an ape. She is all monkey.

  21. I got to this post searching for “George Bush simian” and I found a full page of apelike pictures of him. Clicked on this page because they had a shot of him eating a kitten (is the photoshopped?). The thing that the blog author here seems unaware of is that it is very different to depict Michelle Obama as an ape and depicting GW. If there was a history of discrimination against monied ivy league scion’s of old families then it would be the same. No one has ever discriminated against George Bush’s ancestors due to a a perceived lack of evolutionary progress. Bush’s grandfather is actually one of the people most associated with pre WW2 American eugenics. It’s obviously not the same thing those and those of you that say it is are engaging in willful ignorance.

  22. Joe Rossi RPData

    Not being American I don’t understand what all the fuss is about.

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