Blacks are the racists

As if we need more evidence from the race that gives us the exclusive, officially sanctioned most racist group in America, the Congressional Black Caucus, a recent Gallup poll shows yet more evidence of black racism in America. 

“Since the start of his presidency, U.S. President Barack Obama’s approval rating has declined more among non-Hispanic whites than among nonwhites, and now, fewer than 4 in 10 whites approve of the job Obama is doing as president.” [THESE ARE WHITES WHO SUPPORTED OBAMA–until they found out what an inexperienced boob he is!]

“Blacks’ support for Obama has averaged 93% during his time in office, and has been at or above 90% nearly every week during his presidency. Thus, part of the reason Obama’s support among nonwhites has not dropped as much as his support among other groups is because of his consistent support from blacks. (With Hispanics’ approval rating down five points, greater declines among Asians, Native Americans, and those of mixed races account for his total seven-point drop among nonwhites.)”  [IN OTHER WORDS, EVERYBODY is catching on what an inexperienced boob he is, except for blacks. Because they are racist! Oh, sure. Perhaps, wink wink, it is just racial pride.  But we know what happened in Atlanta. Some white chick was about to win the Mayorship because the black vote was split, and all the blacks rallied against her.]

2 responses to “Blacks are the racists

  1. Or maybe black people feel like they have something more at stake than just government policy. It would be naive to assume that some people don’t see a special significance in the first black presidency, and so wish for him to do well.

    And, looking at it from another perspective, since support among nonwhites has dropped only 7% but support among whites has dropped a full 22%, maybe it’s the whites who are racists, quick as they are to abandon a black president even though he’s been doing pretty well considering the complete mess his predecessor left him and the fact that the Republicans are determined to sabotage his every move.

    That’s the thing with polls like these, you can read them either way.

  2. Nonsense. BHO made his own mess and I don’t need to run down the list. President George W. Bush spent too much but had a 4.8 unemployment rate during his term. Obama spent more than all presidents from Washington to Reagan COMBINED.

    Americans want the country to do well. Obama wants to transform it into something he won’t be embarrassed about.

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