In honor of my father on Veterans’ Day

[Republished.]  My father was in Korea sometime in 1952-1954.  His highest rank was Sargent First Class.

He gave me his dress hat, his sargent stripes and his Third Infantry ID patch (blue and white diagonal stripes) when I was too young to appreciate them.  I played with them when I was approximately 6-8 years old, but have long since lost them. I sure wish I had them now.

He was approximately 22 years old in the photos. My older sister was conceived before he shipped out and he never saw her until she was approximately 2 years old. My older brother was born 9 months after he returned home. I was an unwanted accident later. Thank God abortion wasn’t legal back then. 😉  My father died several years ago, but he would have been 77 if he was still alive. Attached are some photos that were taken approximately 55 years ago.



On the back of the top photo Dad wrote: “Vern Rystad & I. Vern is from Fosston Minnesota.”  On the bottom he wrote “A “Willy Peter” shell 106# [White Phosphorus] 



Dad is front right on top, middle in bottom (yes, he was height challenged, 5’9″. I outgrew him by 4″ as did many men of my generation.


The back of the bottom my father wrote: “#6 gun, 155 [mm] Howitzer” [battery C would have several different guns, and this is gun number 6.]

I’m sure some of these photos were posturing for my mother. They were childhood sweethearts who married before he was drafted. He graduated in 1950, she in 1951.

Thank God for all our brave men and women who have fought to keep us safe!

Not to leave anybody in suspense 😉 here is a photo of my father about 10-11 years later (I’m guessing at how old my sister is in the pic). I’m on the left.


7 responses to “In honor of my father on Veterans’ Day

  1. John, thank you he repost….I honor your father and all those that stod for what MOST of us believe in.

    maybe one day Lowell will shed his shell and thank us all…again !

    Love ya man…in a totally un-homo way !

  2. Frankie!! You ain’t been around much lately. Hope all is well.

  3. Hey John,
    You need to let me restore those photos for you. Seriously good pics.

  4. Christa!!!! Long time no see. Hope all is well.

    Sure, I’m interested. What is involved?

  5. Well, my busiest season is over and my really busy season is here but I’ll have a little more time in the winter to catch up.
    If you can send me the photos via e-mail….and I need a large format….scan at like 600 DPI. I will fix them for you and e-mail them back in a good resolution and you can print them or put them on a CD….you should actually do both. Take them to Richmond Camera…that’s who I do business with…and let them print for you. Tell them you are a friend of mine. You’ll get good service. I’m their biggest customer in this area. Send ONE at a time to
    I’ll do a good job for you, but it may take me a little time, if that’s OK. Seriously, send them. I’ll do a good job. 🙂
    Hey, do you have Facebook? Great fun.
    I have lots of pictures of me and my grandson on there. Seriously, it’s fun.

  6. I have photoshop. Will that work? I’m a novice, but I have fixed blemishes etc. in the past…

  7. I sent you a request under my real name. M J

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