Health care bill “Dead on arrival” per Lindsey Graham

Do you really want to trust the defeat of Pelosi/ObamaCare to Sen. Lindsey Graham?  We have on our side some committed warriors. And some RINOs who would compromise with the Devil if he offered enough perks. 

 On the other side, we have people such as Pelosi, so stupid that she has to be reminded to breathe, but so committed that she rammed this through the House on a Saturday night.  Democrat representatives break out in hives on a Saturday night if they aren’t doing something illegal with somebody other than their spouse, and Pelosi had them all voting. And she got enough of them to vote to pass her godawful bill.  I’d put the Democrap motivation level at about 90%.  They truly believe that if they pass this bill they can control Congress and the White House for the next fifty years. They are fighting for all the perks and control and power that will come along if they are correct. 

True committed believers against asshats such as Lindsey Graham and John McCain? No contest.  “Dead on arrival”? Don’t believe it. Stick hot pokers up your Senators’ arses. Call and write and email early and often. Otherwise, we will look back on this day, and have to explain to our children and grand children why we did not fight this battle with our every breath.

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