Dede Scozzafava: she is who we thought she was

An Fing liberal.  “There’s no room in the “big tent” for moderates?” The Rinos whine.  “Some legislative districts must have a ‘moderate’ Republican in order to compete with the Democrats” the GOP Establishment thundered.  “I support Dede” Newt Gingrich beligerently badgered the base.  But Dede Scozzafava is who we said she was, as evidenced by her quick endorsement of her Democratic opponent.  Fortunately, conservatives–lead by Robert Stacy McCain— knew who she was and stopped her, before she stole the seat.

The Dems ran out and got her to endorse her Democrat opponent. From Politico: “She’s devastated that these outside interests are trying to hijack her moderate wing of the party,” said one New York Democrat who had spoken to Scozzafava.”  [translation: I’m soooo worried about conservatives hijacking my moderate wing I’m going to try to hand the seat over to the Democrats.  If we liberal GOP can’t win, we’ll join the Democrats. Because, well, there isn’t a dimes worth of difference between us anyway!]

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