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Bob McDonnell promises to lynch all pro-abortionists

Bob McDonnell, Republican candidate for Governor in Virginia


(some say that Bob looks alot like John Doe--no we are not the same guy)

, has promised to personally lynch all persons who are pro abortion.  “It just seems like the right thing to do.  I like blood, I hate abortion, and since I am going to be elected Governor of Virginia, I’ll have the power to get away with it.  That’s what they taught me at ‘Pat Robertson’s college’ any way!” [No, wait, he didn’t say that, but that is how the AIDS breaths over on the leftist blogs are reacting.]

“I can’t believe this is happening in America” Lowell of Blow Virginia said.  “I thought all of Virginia preferred immoral queers and godless abortionists!” [Just kidding there–Lowell must have been off to the national NAMBLA convention, because I haven’t yet heard from him on this issue.] Continue reading

An ode to Miami Beach

If you have never been there, here is some of what you are missing!


South Beach, Miami Florida


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Should conservatives support liberal Republicans?


This is one conservative who is tired of getting Snowe jobs from RINOs

Jonah Goldberg speaks for me [The National Review]:

…it seems to me that for conservatives this is something of a no-brainer. I’ve said a million times that I’m a Republican by default because the GOP is the more conservative of the two major parties. If a sensible conservative can beat a liberal Republican, then I see no reason to support the Republican out of some team mentality.”

“William F. Buckley’s policy was always that he was for the most conservative candidate electable. This has always struck me as the most pithy and most sensible statement on these kinds of questions….[protest votes against good candidates are dumb.] I agree entirely that the GOP needs more moderates. It needs more everybody. But in NY 23, Hoffman can win. That means he’s not a protest vote, he’s a vote for the most conservative candidate electable. Vote for Doug Hoffman.” Continue reading

Smash Mouth explores “foreign relations”

We travel the world looking for beautiful women, so you don’t have to!  A little of Robert Stacy McCain’s “Rule 5” action for your weekend enjoyment. [And being a proud Michigander by birth, I would be seriously remiss if I did not link to “The Classic Liberal’s” roundup of sexy Michigan lasses in bikinis!] 


Miss Japan 2009 (I'm sensing a wee bit o caucasion in her background)

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Steven LaTourette, R-OH, eviscerates “the party of no” whiners

He wins the speech of the week award, accomplished in under a minute and a half. [How does one spell “Waaah!?”]