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Another so-called racist statement by Rush Limbaugh

I’ve made a post out of a comment left by “Montana.”  Montana goes around leaving this quote and figures that just by reading the transcript people will conclude that Rush is a racist.  Assuming that Montana isn’t just a one hit wonder whe drops this little turd off but doesn’t come back to discuss it, let’s examine the statement and hopefully discuss it (My comments are italicized):

6a00e008c6b4e588340120a56e64c5970b-250wiTRANSCRIPT OF RUSH LIMBAUGH ON HIS RADIO SHOW FROM OCT. 14, 2008 Editor’s note: This is a verbatim transcript of Limbaugh explaining how ACORN, Barack Obama, Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright are all involved in a radical leftwing conspiracy to teach black kids to hate America.

“From the time of my birth 57 years ago to today, this country has grown and expanded, prosperity has opened its doors for more and more people around the world, not just people born in this country.”  (Who can argue with any of that?)  Continue reading

Doug Hoffman is a closeted gay who gets off on torturing puppies

graphicmaterialI know that I should be heartened by the fact that the conservative candidate in the NY23 race is “coming up fast on the outside” and that the liberal GOP candidate has about as much chance of winning as the Michigan Wolverines have of winning the Rose Bowl.  I’m heartened by the fact that Sarah Palin spurned the GOP nominee and endorsed Hoffman’s independent candidacy instead.  I’m heartened by the fact that the world’s best shoe leather reporter is up in NY drinking reporting on the story.  I’m heartened by the fact that everybody who is anybody in the conservative movement, except Newt, who just used to be somebody in the conservative movement, have placed principal over partisanship to support Hoffman.  Continue reading