Screw Newt

Newt Gingrich believes that “Republican” Scozzafava is better than her democrat opponent in New York’s 23rd Congressional district race.  His “reasoning” is that it is better to have a liberal with an R after her name than a liberal with a D after his name.    No, really, that’s his logic. 

Whenever they pull out the “big tent” argument, what they really mean is that it is better to be stabbed in the back by your “friend” 45% of the time than it is to be assaulted head on by your enemy 65% of the time.  I’m a firm believer that an electorate gets the representation that they deserve.  If a district wants a liberal, they deserve one. Give ’em one. Let them have a liberal elected official.  Let them glory in their liberal elected official.  If possible, let them come to regret their liberal elected official, if they ever come to their senses, and then turn to a moderate or a conservative. 

I’m not advocating giving up in entire regions of the country. I’m saying that we should present alternatives to the Democrats. If the Democrats win, then that is what the people of that district wanted. Give it to them.  They will either come to regret their decision, and return to moderates or conservative representatives, or they won’t. If they don’t, those people deserve what they get.  I believe that sooner or later a majority of The People will come to their senses and reject the liberal representatives and elect moderates or conservatives. I’ll be there when they do.

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