Americans believe that Obama will try to take their guns away from them

This poll makes me proud to be an American.  Often I am discouraged by how uninformed average citizens are about the issues.  But on this issue, Americans are spot on to be afraid, be very afraid.  No, Obama has never said or done anything to cause this fear.  Explicitly. You have to read between the lines.  Follow the clues. Draw conclusions.

He lies.  So even if he promised us, that would not allay the fears of a rational person.  And before he ran for President, he explicitly wrote that he was in favor of banning hand guns.  He’s an egomaniac.  He’s a socialist.  He favors countrys with socialist dictatorships (Cuba and Venezuela) and dictator-wannabes (Honduras’ ousted President) over democratically elected countries (Honduras). 

No, this poll is evidence that the American public get it. “A new Gallup poll may explain recent reports of increased gun and ammunition sales in the U.S. Majorities of those who personally own a gun (55%) and of those with a gun in the household (53%), as well as 41% of all Americans, believe that President Obama “will attempt to ban the sale of guns in the United States while he is president.”  They’ve connected the dots, and found that Obama is not trust-worthy.  Can you say ONE TERM PRESIDENT baby?

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