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Heil Obama! Heil der Fuhrer!

Vee vill brook no dissent!  [from the Daily Howler]


KURTZ (10/11/09): Take Major Garrett, he’s the White House correspondent for Fox News. Do you think he’s fair? Do you think he’s masquerading as a newsman?

DUNN: I will say—and I’ve done this in my interviews. I’ve differentiated. No, I’ve not said—I’ve differentiated between Major Garrett, who we view as a very good correspondent, and his network, and Major knows this. Major came to me when we didn’t include Chris—

KURTZ: Chris Wallace.

DUNN: —in the round of Sunday shows, Chris Wallace from the Sunday shows. And I told Major quite honestly that we had told Chris Wallace that, having fact-checked an administration guest on his show, something I’ve never seen a Sunday show do—and Howie, you can show me examples of where Sunday shows have fact-checked previous weeks’ guests.

We asked Chris for example where he had done that to anybody besides somebody from the administration in the year 2009, and we’re still waiting to hear from him. When they want to treat us like they treat everyone else—but let’s be realistic here, Howie. They are—they’re widely viewed as, you know, part of the Republican Party. Take their talking points and put them on the air. Take their opposition research and put them on the air, and that’s fine. But let’s not pretend they’re a news network the way CNN is.

KURTZ: You are making a distinction, just before I move on, between the opinion guys—O’Reilly, Hannity, Glenn Beck—and people like Major Garrett.

DUNN: I’m not talking about people like Major Garrett. I’m talking about the overall programming.

In der Fuhrer’s world, the only fact-checking will be heil-obamadone against Saturday Night Live’s claim that Obama hasn’t done any thing!

Michigan legislator wants to amend state’s constitution to ban abortion

October 19, 2009, 12:45PM
Jim Slezak for State Representative.jpgSlezak

From The Flint Journal: “GENESEE COUNTY, Michigan — State Rep. Jim Slezak, D-Davison Twp., has authored a proposed state constitutional amendment that would essentially outlaw abortion in Michigan. ”

“The amendment would say every person has a right to life, and would define “person” as a human being whose life begins at conception.”
This DEMOCRAT representative is from a neighboring township from where I grew up.  Didn’t know Michigan was a hot bet of anti-abortionists.  But what a novel idea: No person has the right to abort another person.  Next thing that you hear will be the pro-abortionists saying what an evil man he is.  Get ready to be reviled Mr. Slezak.  

FINALLY a reason to link to HuffingtonPost

The  most inappropriate halloween costumes of 2009.

Although I don't see what's wrong with this one...

Although I don't see what's wrong with this one...


from NRO

Just think, in fifty years little revolutionaries around the world might be remembering The One.  No, wait, they already are...

Just think, in fifty years little revolutionaries around the world might be remembering The One. No, wait, they already are...

ANOTHER reason to love the Detroit Lions

Their drunken fans.

Here’s what really happened. Or how to piss off a drunken Lion fan just before security arrives in order to get her rowdy ass thrown out.

Juan Williams called a porch negro

Hey, it’s all good, so long as the one being the racist is a liberal black man. Hat tip to johnny dollar’s place (which I heartily recommend).

A liberal woman says:  “These are attempts to destroy…people…[by the Government]”

Smash Mouth went over 200,000 hits last night

I seriously can’t remember when I put in the counter, but I believe that it was months after I began this blog.  And I don’t think it means 200k unique visitors, think that includes all looks except me. But I could be wrong, I’m not very puter literate.