Creigh Deeds signed his own death warrant with his support of Cap-and-Trade

(rhetorically speaking) in his bid for the Governorship of Virginia.  His wholehearted support of crap-and-tax as a member of the Virginia Climate Change Commission, Little Timmy Kaine’s bunch of political hacks, is gonna murder his chances at the Governor’s mansion.  And finally the Republicans are sticking it to him.

Here’s what Democrats say when they’ve already got the governorship, and can’t run for re-election, back in Feb ’08:  

“Gone are the days of debating whether man-made effects exist” with global warming, Kaine told the panel. “Those days are gone.” [FUNNY, I don’t remember there ever being a debate. The liberals have always claimed that the debate is over.]

Here is what they say when they are actually running for the Governorship, from the newspaper, the Washington Post, that is in the bag for Creigh Deeds:

“But his platform is silent on the wisdom of cap-and-trade. On the campaign trail, Deeds also has been reluctant to state his position, saying it’s a federal matter. So Deeds’ position on the federal legislation is not clear.”

“But the Virginia GOP argues, in its Aug. 26 press release, that Deeds “supports” the bill. As proof, Republicans cite cite a Sierra Club questionaire that Deeds filled out during the primary. Asked what methods he would support to combat global warming, Deeds replied that he favored “the many measures” suggested by Gov. Timothy M. Kaine’s Commission on Climate Change, of which Deeds was a member. Among the highlighted recommendations in the commission’s December 2008 final report was urging Congress “to establish a mandatory economy-wide cap-and-trade program.”

“(Specifically, the governor’s commission favored a cap-and-trade regime that would cut greenhouse emissions 25 percent by 2020 and 80 percent by 2050, based on 1990 levels. The bill passed by the House of Representatives, American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES), has reduction goals of 17 percent and 83 percent, respectively, based on 2005 levels.)”

Run, Creigh, RUN from your environmentalist wacko ways. But it was too late. The electorate had already been incensed!

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