Jack Huberman COULD NOT SUBSTANTIATE the quote that he attributed to Rush Limbaugh

Is this what a registered sex offender looks like?

I see this picture and think "Gotta be a registered sex offender!"

Here is a disclaimer that HuffingtonPost put before a post by Jack Huberman:  “An earlier version of this post contained quotes attributed to Rush Limbaugh, which Limbaugh has since denied making. As is our policy when a fact in a blog post is called into question, we gave its author 24 hours to substantiate the quote. Since he has not been able to do so, the quotes have been deleted from the post. ”

For those who are unaware, Jack Huberman wrote the book “101 persons who are screwing America” and in it he quoted Rush Limbaugh as making the quote “You know who deserves a posthumous medal of honor? James Earl Ray.”  In the book, he did not cite to where he allegedly heard/found the quote, the cite was unattributed.  Well, evidently HuffPo has more journalistic integrity than either Mr. Huberman or the publisher of his book. He tried to cite that same quote (I’m guessing,  HuffPo took the quotation down) without substantiating the quote.  When HuffPo called him on it, he was unable to substantiate it. 

Can’t you just hear him muttering?  “Damn! It was in Wikiquotes when I wrote the damn book! Why did Wikiquotes delete it? Where’ “zedlappy” [scroll almost 1/2 way down the cite to “Rush Limbaugh is a big fat racist and other truths”] and “Cobra” [scroll down to the bottom of comment 5]  when I need them?”

Oh, what tangled webs we weave, when we make up quotes on Wikiquote to deceive.

UPDATE: Just noticed that “TheJawaReport” noticed this same story yesterday!  Hey, I’ll take second place to them any day. So did AConservativeEdge, among a handful of others. Good Job!

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