Let’s remember who the true racists are

Can you name a group that excludes others based solely upon race?  This group is never criticized by the Main Stream Media.  Federal (and I assume most states’) law forbids discrimination based on race, but those laws do not apply to this group.  Can you guess the name of this group that legally discriminates solely upon the color of a person’s skin???  If you can’t guess, see below the fold for more clues.

At least three different men of two different races were each denied entry into this group, based solely upon the fact that they were born with the wrong color skin. See here, here and here.

Since the formation of the group in 1971, NOBODY who did not  have the “correct” color of skin was allowed to become a member of this group, even though the group’s stated goal is to help those who are “disenfranchised or plagued with more serious problems than other Americans.”

Not only is the discrimination that this group practices legal–based solely upon the color of the skin of each person–this group consists not of private citizens, but of elected officials.  

Still stumped as to what is the identity of this racist group of persons?  It is the Congressional Black Caucus.

Now can I join your group?
Now can I join your group?

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) [a member of this group] was “spreading lies” when she delivered a speech on the House floor on Tuesday.”

“Jackson Lee said Limbaugh is “divisive” and should not be allowed to impugn the integrity of the NFL. She also highlighted Limbaugh’s contro versial comments about Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb in 2003.”

17 responses to “Let’s remember who the true racists are

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  2. Geez John, I thought MY picture would be “below the fold”

    After all, Jeremy and his buddies ALL called me a racist…too bad they don’t know their mirrors are missing form their houses…

  3. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  4. Gosh, you guys are dumb. It’s the Congressional BLACK Caucus. Clue’s in the name. Tell you what, when white folks have endured centuries of slavery and segregation at the hands of black folks, maybe you should see how entitled you feel to turn away black folks from your all-whites club.

    You know what’s racist? When black people start organising stuff for themselves, it’s racist to start insulting them because they don’t want to let white people tell them how to run it.

    • When were YOU freed from slavery, Bob? Who was your last “Master”?

      What? You were never a slave? Then where do you get off quoting something you never knew first-hand?

      We have already acknowledged slavery was a dark chapter in human history, and fundamentally wrong – so using it as a talking point has no teeth.

      What’s racist is when you attribute stupid ideas to skin color. There are millions of people, of all races, who are angry at the current government. You dishonor them with your petty race-bait arguments.

  5. Awwww, poor dears. They been picked upon and abused. Here’s a clue, brain-damaged boy: They’ve never been discriminated against by me.

    So by your “logic” all we have to do to discriminate is to place WHITE in our name. The Smash Mouth WHITE MENS’ Social Club–no negroes or women need apply (women will be hired based on tips & ass, but you cannot join).

    Seeeee! It’s not racist, it’s just the way we organized our widdle club.

  6. I wasn’t aware that you good old white boys were routinely discriminated against and systematically achieved far lower status than your non-white counterparts. Probably because it’s not true.

    You have a problem with minority groups asserting themselves, clearly. So there’s a club you can’t join. Boo hoo, get over it.

  7. “Bob Dole”: (natch)

    It’s not any racial group I have problems with, it’s wont mindless Liberalism, Progressive party-line lies and Socialist agendas. We are not racist at Smash Mouth Politics – but we dislike stupid people and foolish ideology.

    People like you “Bob” who can’t make a compelling argument with facts, then resort to LIES and RACIST COMMENTS in a feeble attempt to marginalize the truth display wont racism, and shame intelligent people of all skin colors..

    The real racist here is you “Bob”. Any honorable person – regardless of skin color – should be ashamed to use their skin color to influence an argument. Race is no longer an impediment to advancement in America, but narrow-mindedness such as you display is.

    Any don’t tell me you can’t be racist because you are not white – you know better.

    One more thing “Bob”, you are one of the poster children for the real problem in minority communities today. You are owed NOTHING because of your skin color; however you seem to think you deserve a life-long entitlement because of that. This means YOU marginalize skin color to something tantamount to a birth defect. That’s racism Bob, and that’s you to a “T”.

  8. “Race is no longer an impediment to advancement in America”

    Seriously. Wow. I’m amazed. I wasn’t aware that you had so little knowledge of the subject. I’m sorry, maybe we can resume this discussion once you’ve informed yourself properly. I just can’t discuss politics with someone who is so basically ignorant. Can’t do it, no point whatsoever.

  9. Race is no longer an impediment. A (half) black man has become president. That’s pretty much over the glass ceiling.

    Of course, that also means you no longer have that as a crutch – as man so-called “black leaders” have turned into a cottage industry.

    What is still prevalent is simple thinking such as “Bob” displays – a false belief in entitlement due to skin color. What people like “Bob” fear most is having the racial “silver spoon” removed from their mouths.

    Oh, and Bob, I have a multi-racial family so I know of what I speak first-hand. You need to try and sell your snake oil racism to someone else.

    And “Bob”, if you put as much effort into advancing the ideas of education, initiative, self-sufficiency, pride in accomplishments and drive to excel as you do race-baiting you might be happier. You’d certainly be a better human being.

  10. “…I just can’t discuss politics with someone who is so basically ignorant. Can’t do it, no point whatsoever…”

    Agreed “Bob”, which is why discussing politics with you is such a challenge. There’s no reasonable thought in your posts; just bias, hatred and talking points.

    Now, if you bring some learned opinions and demonstrable facts to the table, and I would not feel I am having an intellectual battle with an unarmed man.

  11. Bob, I am a lawyer who often practices in Richmond, Virginia. You know, the Capital of the Confederacy. Being black has helped many marginally talented black lawyers succeed beyond white lawyers here, based solely upon the color of their skin. Some were elevated to judgeships, not based on the quality of their skills, but because they were black. Others became rich and others entered politics, based upon their skin color. I can’t speak for blacks everywhere, but I can say that black lawyers have a leg up in Richmond, Va.

    That being said, I’m sure that blacks are still discriminated against. Driving while black will get you pulled over quicker than shit. But whites are discriminated against by blacks, too. I see it in jury trials, elections, and just walking or driving through certain parts of town.

    Pull up your big girl panties and get on with your life. Don’t blame me or TBagg because there are racists out there. And quit excusing the Black Caucus for their racisim. You’d (rightfully so) hate it if there were an all white group out there–anywhere.

    • And do you suppose the Congressional Black Caucus would welcome a newly-formed “Congressional White Caucus” with open arms?

      There you go, it’s not racial equality they search for. It’s the perpetration of an idea (racial inferiority) whose time has come and gone. What’s so sad is it not the “Good Ol’ Boys” keeping that idea alive. It’s people like “Black Leaders”, and yes, the Congressional Black Caucus.

  12. “Now, if you bring some learned opinions and demonstrable facts to the table”

    What, like “Race is no longer an impediment to advancement in America”? You think because one Black man succeeds, they’ve all suddenly been handed the keys to the golf club?

    You guys are so one-dimensional, it’s unbelievable. I can’t argue with people who think that “facts” are just things they’ve chosen to assume because they fit their belief systems. The statement I’ve quoted is so obviously, verifiably, glaringly inaccurate that I just have to assume that you guys don’t have the first idea about the subject. I’m sorry, but like I said, there’s no point to your blog, apart maybe from pandering to other right-wing ignoramuses. You guys have a nice life, now.

  13. Again, “Bob” simply spouts hatred and bias.

    Race is longer an impediment “Bob”, in fact it’s possibly one of the most useful tools a non-white person has. It’s sad you are so entrenched in your ignorance to search that out. John Doe eluded to as much in VA. and it’s certainly true here in the West.

    You want to sit in your armchair, spouts racists ideas and have someone bring you lunch. It would be laughable if it were not so sad. What’s sadder still is you will pass that bias onto the next generation. I can only hope they have the wherewithal to dismiss your narrow-mindedness out of hand.

    And remember “Bob” what “assume” means. You have certainly qualified the validity of that cliche.

  14. Sure, John, knows a few black lawyers who he reckons somehow used their skin colour for positive discrimination. Meanwhile, black people still earn 22% less than white people. Infant mortality rates are more than twice as high among blacks as they are among whites. Black people consistently do less well in school than white kids. Over twice as many black kids as white kids live below the poverty level. African Americans, who represent over 12% of households in the United States, represent only 1% of the top 5% weathiest families, but fully 20% of the lowest fifth.

    So you want to tell me that it’s all over now and race is no longer an issue when it comes to getting ahead in America? Or is all the above somehow untrue because you decided it? And you have the gall to call ME a racist after you unilaterally decide that the struggle’s over so black people should no longer allowed to focus on a minority interest.

  15. I never told you any such thing, Bob. Just lose the attitude, bub. I NEVER did anything to you. I’ve never treated anyone worse or different based upon the color of their skin (other than watching my back when I see some Bruthas following me while I walk the street at night).

    Can you make the same claim?

    Black people are the author of their own misery in many cases. Black on black crime is rampant in inner cities. Black men father too many children out of wedlock and ignore them. Our government has made third and fourth generation welfare mothers by paying unmarried young black women to stay home and have kids. Then liberals raise the minimum wage, and black kids get laid off, and liberals wonder why. Because those are the kids who become expendable when you increase the cost that employers have to pay them. Unskilled kids from the poor side of town are the first to get laid off.

    Regarding the higher rate of infant mortality, eliminate the crack whores having babies and the rate would plummet. Or do something about it. My sister in law, a nurse, adopted an infant black baby born to a crack addict. He’s 21 now and a wonderful productive citizen (and member of our family). You and I both know that he would not be doing as well as he is if his mother had not put him up for adoption. I “adopted” a girl from the inner city who was subject to abuse.

    Instead of just bitching about it, I hope you are doing something productive to help change the problems.

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