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John Doe on B-Cast Live yesterday

Scott Baker and Liz Stephans

Scott Baker and Liz Stephans

UPDATE: So you don’t have to wade through 18 minutes of other stuff:  B-Cast, for those of you who are interested.  By the way, B-Cast Live seems to be a great place to get a condensation of the day’s news, from a conservative perspective.  I’ve put it on my list of daily sites to visit, and I recommend it to other conservatives.

Let’s remember who the true racists are

Can you name a group that excludes others based solely upon race?  This group is never criticized by the Main Stream Media.  Federal (and I assume most states’) law forbids discrimination based on race, but those laws do not apply to this group.  Can you guess the name of this group that legally discriminates solely upon the color of a person’s skin???  If you can’t guess, see below the fold for more clues. Continue reading