So, how many hits is a link to worth?

Me like links!

Me like links!

In the twenty-four hours since his website linked to my humble blog, I’ve received more than twenty thousand hits just from his website. That does not count the hits from other cites who noticed the link at his cite, and who then wrote their own articles about the story, and who were kind enough to also link to my site.  Thanks for all who linked here, and to all who were kind enough to take the time to read my article. 

Frankly, all I did was a little on-line reseach which un-covered that others long ago had done their own research and uncovered this quote to have been bogus.

And it has personally scared me how a seemingly over-the-top quote that nobody should believe can lie dormant for years, and then suddenly take wings and fly towards the ruination of a person’s reputation.  I’ll be even more careful in the future to attack each and every false accusation against myself.

UPDATE: In 48 hours it was worth over 48,000 hits.  WOW! 😛

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