Did “John” from “The City Square” find who first slandered Rush Limbaugh??

Back in May, 2009, “John” left a comment on my post “You know who deserves a posthumous Medal of Honor? James Earl Ray” is a damnable lie made up by liberals.”  “John” is evidently more computer savy than I because he knows how to go back and find the persons who first input information into Wikipedia, and those who made subsequent alterations.  Here is a link to “John’s” blog “The City Square.”

Here is his comment, reposted in its entirety, so as to give him credit, and in hopes that this advances the story:

“Actually, WikiQuote does keep a history and it leads to the name of one of the people who added the quote and the location of another.

“I first spotted the James Earl Ray “quote” here:


“(WordPress broke the URL into 3 lines: it obviously should be just one.)

“As you can see from that page, it was added by a user at IP (RCN NEW YORK COMMUNICATIONS, LLC) at 6:01 on 20 July 2005. If you skip forward, you see that is was deleted by a user at (US DoE). The user at then added it back in again, all on 20 July 2005. Finally that day, at 16:18, user MosheZadka restored the fake quote, as you can see here:


“You can read about MosheZadka here:


“On September 14, a user at (BellSouth) deleted the fake quote:


“That was as far as I researched it.”

THANKS (belatedly) John, and thanks for your work!

UPDATE: Some much smarter and more computer literate than I am have been doing some detective work over at PROTEIN WISDOM PUB.  They are getting to the bottom of this…


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