Senator Jim DeMint is an American Hero

Sorry yet?

Sorry yet?

THANK GOD FOR SENATOR JIM DEMINT! He actually had the cojones to travel to Honduras and to find out what is going on and to report it to the American people.  Meanwhile, the Obama Administration treats our best allies in the area as criminals, while he treats Cuba and Venesuela as our best friends.  He supports easing travel restrictions on  Cuba while he has completely restricted travel to Honduras.

Portions of Sen. Demint’s article, from the Wall Street Journal:  “While in Honduras, I spoke to dozens of Hondurans, from nonpartisan members of civil society to former Zelaya political allies, from Supreme Court judges to presidential candidates and even personal friends of Mr. Zelaya. Each relayed stories of a man changed and corrupted by power. The evidence of Mr. Zelaya’s abuses of presidential power—and his illegal attempts to rewrite the Honduran Constitution, a la Hugo Chávez—is not only overwhelming but uncontroverted.”

“As all strong democracies do after cleansing themselves of usurpers, Honduras has moved on.”

“The presidential election is on schedule for Nov. 29. Under Honduras’s one-term-limit, Mr. Zelaya could not have sought re-election anyway. Current President Roberto Micheletti—who was installed after Mr. Zelaya’s removal, per the Honduran Constitution—is not on the ballot either. The presidential candidates were nominated in primary elections almost a year ago, and all of them—including Mr. Zelaya’s former vice president—expect the elections to be free, fair and transparent, as has every Honduran election for a generation.”

Damn you Barrack “Komrade” Obama.  And let’s not forget the bastard Sen. John Kerry, who tried to prevent Sen. DeMint from even making the trip!

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