Nobel Peace Prize 2009 Awarded Posthumously to Neville Chamberlain

chamberlainAP  Podunk Norway, 10/10/2009:  In a belated announcement it has been revealed by the Committee that Barack Hussein Obama and Mr. Chamberlain will be co-winners of the Nobel Peace Prize this year.  Chairman of the Committee, Mr. Thorbjoern Jagland announced that the delayed release was to allow President Obama a chance to savor his victory alone in the spotlight.  Said Mr. Jagland, “Mr. Obama really hasn’t done squat, yet. But that’s the point. Neither did Mr. “Peace in Our Time” Chamberlain.  But it felt so good for the moment when appeasing tyrants seemed to work.  Besides, if everybody had followed Mr. Chamberlain’s lead, we’d all be speaking German now.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to learn and to speak Norwegian? And then to have nobody else in the freaking world to know what you are saying, except other Norwegians?”

[John Doe’s note: Well, they are giving Edgar Allan Poe a proper burial tomorrow in Baltimore, after 200 years. ]

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