BET founder mocks Creigh Deeds for stuttering

“I’m Cr Cr Cr Creigh D D D D D Deeds, and I a a a aa aprove this m m me mess mess message!”

Whiiiiiine. “Some people” think that she acted inappropriately. 

“Advocates for people with speech problems were outraged at Johnson’s characterization of Deeds.”   Oh YEAH?!! Where were you morons for the past eight years when liberals continuously mocked George W. Bush for his speech problems.  “HA HA HA! He pronounces it nukuler, instead of nuclear! [No mention of the fact that near god-like JFK called Cuba “Cuber.”]

Liberals made a cottage industry of poking fun at Bush’s mistakes in his speeches. 

Welcome to, grand repository for the gravy train of strained English that defined America’s Mangler-in-Chief. We’ve been in constant operation since 2001…

Or “Bushisms“, “political humor.”  Ha ha, he he, let’s make fun of the way the President speaks! 

Even Slate gets in on the act: “The Complete Bushisms.” 

Screw. You. Lieberals.  You made fun of the way that the President of the United States speaks. YOU made it fair game to make fun of the way that a potential Governor of Virginia speaks. Cr Cr Cr Creigh D D D D Deeds, I I I mean.  What’s good for the g g g gooose is good for the g g  g gander.

5 responses to “BET founder mocks Creigh Deeds for stuttering

  1. There’s a big difference between making fun of Bush’s inability to articulate his ideas and Deed’s speech impediment. The former is a sign of intellectual immaturity, the latter is an unavoidable physical defect.

  2. Oh, Bull shit. That is just rationalization. If you are going to make fun of how somebody speaks, or not condemn it universally, then don’t whine when your boy gets attacked the next time.

  3. Hi PS, I think stuttering is avoidable if it is not neglected and treated initially.

  4. There is a difference between an actual MEDICALLY DIAGNOSED speech impediment of stuttering in Deeds, vs. George Bush being a moron who can’t actually construct sentences with subject verb agreement. Learn the difference.

  5. Suck it.

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