Teleprompter says: "I vote 'Present' on the war in Afghanistan"

Teleprompter says: "I vote 'Present' on the war in Afghanistan"

It’s déjà vu all over again. We are fast approaching pre-surge in Iran territory, which occurred in early 2007.  Only then we had a real man as President. All the nay sayers (almost all the Democrats, and many moderate Republicans such as the commission headed by James Baker) said Iraq was a quagmire and that we would be unable to secure that country no matter how long we stayed nor how many troops we sent in, and so we might as well cut and run.  George Bush didn’t listen, and firmly held fast to his plan to increase troops in what was called “the surge.” As history soon proved, the nay sayers were wrong.

This time, we have a nancy-pants inexperienced politician with his finger in the wind, trying to determine which way the political wind is blowing. Oh, sure, he called this the war that must be fought and must be won, but that was when he was running for office. (He just reamed out his commander of the Afghanistan troops for actually telling the truth.)  Now,  Obama just wants to cut and run. Just as the Democrats did in South Vietnam, when they cut off funding and allowed the Soviet Union-supplied North Vietnamese to over-run the south. Just as the Democrats did to the contras in Honduras.   Just as the Democrats wanted to do in Iraq.  The Democrats never saw a war in the past 60 plus years that was worth winning. 

Elections have consequences. When you elect an inexperienced two-bit agitator from the Chicago ‘hood as your commander in chief, don’t expect it to go well in the field.

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