President Obama, have you no SHAME?

I haven’t read anything anywhere else that quite expresses my feelings towards the Obama-Olympic hustle going on in Copenhagen.  I am glad that some Republican politicians scolded him, but their responses missed the mark.  Rep. Boehner scolded Obama for running off to Copenhagen while “we’ve got serious issues here at home that need to be debated.”  As if a President can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.  Congress went on recess, Obama went on vacation, the country didn’t fall apart.  Personally, I prefer Obama out of the country. It is harder for him to screw things up when he is out of the country. 

Sen. Kitt Bond said Obama’s top responsability is “to keep our country safe.”  Sorry, I disagree. That job is the military and law enforcement, two things about which Obama knows nothing.  I feel equally safe whether he is here or abroad, thank you.  From that same article, Michael Steele called the trip “a distraction.”  Weak, Mr. Steele.  A distraction from the Dems trying to force ObamaCare and “Crap and Tax” “Cap and Trade” down our throats?  If so, good, keep up the “distraction” as long as possible. 

Please, Suh, allow us to have the Olympics, Suh!

Please, Suh, allow us to have the Olympics, Suh!

To me, the proper criticism is that it demeans the office of the Presidency of the United States.  He is traveling over to a foreign country, hat in hand, begging for them to give Chicago the Olympics.  He’s not our Commander in Chief, he’s our Car Salesman In Chief.  Our Hoover Vacuum Salesman in Chief. 

Presidents don’t negotiate with thugs and petty tyrants.  Obama didn’t drop everything and run over to Africa when Americans were held hostage by pirates.  By lowering himself to the level of salesman, he lowers the office of the President.  And he elevates the status of those who will eventually make the decision where the Olympics will be held.  Can’t you almost hear them snickering? “The President of the most powerful country in the world came begging to us…”

Sure, bringing the Olympics to Chicago would be a great thing. But Presidents don’t do house calls to make sales pitches. Leave that to Chicago. Hell, let Bubba do it–he has repeatedly proven that he has no scruples.  But retain a shred of respectability, and leave, now.

UPDATE: After hearing that Rio beat out Chicago, my reaction was “DUH!” Nothing against Chicago, but if I had a choice between traveling to Rio or Chicago, it would be like choosing between a Saturn and a Porche.  I’m not sure anybody could have convinced the Committee to pick Chicago–unless they packed a multi-million dollar bribe with them.

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