Token Conservative

Watching “Morning Joe” this a.m., I have decided that we need a

Don't go away mad, Pat. Just go away.

Don't go away mad, Pat. Just go away.

new phrase to describe people such as Pat Buchanan and David Brooks at the New York Times.  It’s bad enough that liberals dominate media outlets such as the NY Times and MSNBC, but it is even worse that they insert some faux conservative (Brooks) or some caricature of who liberals hate most in a conservative (Buchanan) as a token non-liberal so that they can pound their chests and say: “See, we aren’t totally liberal in our presentation!”

What those and other establishments are doing is equivalent to Major League Baseball having on some puny gay place kicker or Michael Vick as spokespeople for all of the NFL.  The unspoken message is that either is typical of the quality and character of the typical NFL players.  Those who don’t like the NFL, don’t watch it, and have no desire to watch it will only be strengthened in their conviction not to watch it by being exposed to those two aberations.

So what should we call them? “Token Conservatives” won’t work, especially for Brooks, because he is not really a conservative, he’s only “conservative” when compared to the rest of the ultra liberals at the NYT.  Besides, it’s a knock-off of “token black” and is thus already taken, as is “house nigger conservative”  I’m brainstorming, but I just can’t come up with something snappy:  Poser  Conservative? (Or poseur if we want to sound urbane instead of hip?)  Asshat is already in use.  Crapweasil? Assclown? It will come to me.

2 responses to “Token Conservative

  1. Call them ‘Hannitys’.

  2. … ‘cuz I know yer not gonna name anything after Colmes!

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