This is sad

When they start cutting the benefits of retirees, it effects us all.  Molson Canadian (one of my early favorites, but which I have since grown tired of) used to give their retirees 6 dozen beers per month (12 six packs, for you idiot liberals who can’t count), but are now planning to cut it down to one dozen beers per month.  Why work all those years in the brewery if you can’t drink for free in your retirement years?  If all you guys are getting is two six packs per month in your retirement years, you shoulda been lawyers instead.  About two six packs per month will be all that I’ll be able to afford in my retirement, too.

“A Molson representative told CBC that supplying 2,400 retirees across the country with free beer was costing the company over $1 million a year.”

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