Hillary Clinton Nude!

I wonder why Bill chases other women?

I wonder why Bill chases other women?










How Hillary sees herself

How Hillary sees herself

How some mindless liberal artiste saw her

How some mindless liberal artiste saw her

After some normal redblooded American man accidentally saw her

After some normal redblooded American man accidentally saw her

How Bill first saw her: "Better put some ice on that..."

How Bill first saw her: "Better put some ice on that..."

How Radar saw her…
When Hillary goosed her…

13 responses to “Hillary Clinton Nude!

  1. See what happens when you stand too close to something that cold?

  2. He he.


  4. Oh, thanks for clearing that up, Greg. [That is sarcasm, if ya didn’t realize it.]

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  10. @ Ralphielauren

    Problem is…
    I’m not interested in any “plaid polo tee shirts”… 😦
    Yes…and sometimes I actually do “just luv to look bizarre, too…! 😉

    Hugs man… 😉

  11. BTW: Ralph…
    If you check my avatar, you will understand why I have “NO” interest in tee shirts of any color, hue or pattern…! 😉

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