Which team will win: Detroit Lions at home vs. Washington Redskins?

Unfortunately, The Lions don’t have Barry Sanders.  So we have to look to The Other McCain’s “Rule 5” to find out the answer!

We miss you man!

We miss you man!










The freakin Lions do not have a cheerleading squad! ‘Nuff said–the ‘Skins are going to pull out a squeaker, and one of their cheerleaders will pull a groin muscle…

The Lions played well at home during the pre-season. They outplayed Minnesota last week at  home for the first half. And the Skins are not as good as the Vikes.












 The Lions have not won since 2007.  This will be like their Super Bowl–they know that they have a shot to win tomorrow, and that they might not have too many chances after that to break their losing streak.




I’d take the Lions and the points (6 pts last I heard). I think that they are about 40-60 to win out-right. 





















Besides all these assets that the Skins possess, the Lions are starting FIVE rookies: QB, TE, safety, linebacker and def tackle.  Despite all their problems, they will make a game of it, and if the Skins do lose, expect heads to roll…

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