Va Right is right on about Bob McDonnell’s thesis

kool-aidI’ve never linked there before, but this article one deserves it. 

And just for kicks and grins, here is a sample of the lies that Democraps are passing around claiming that this is what McDonnell said in his thesis:  Donna W wrote [no doubt a bull-dyke]:

“Um, did Democrats write McDonnell’s paper for him? Have Democrats been pushing for legislation in Richmond to require BOTH parties to agree on a divorce before it can be granted? Did Democrats say that women’s access to jobs was a threat to society? Is it Democrats who call unemployed women trying to raise their children “welfare queens” and “slugs” and “leaches”? Is it Democrats that think women should be paid less than men for doing the same work?

“There’s much more to say but you get the drift.

“You boys have worked hard to earn this reputation and now you can’t simply claim to be victims of unfair labels.

“Be accountable, it’s what you expect from women.

9/23/09 11:20 AM

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