“The Richmonder” is a despicable piece of sh!t

Regarding the dude found lynched in Kentucky:  ” This was a lynching, plain and simple, performed by the Right Wing in order to make a political point on 9/11, just a day before the 9/12 demonstrators descended on the Capitol for their hate-fest. Let’s watch some videos, shall we?” 

And his buddy, Vivian J. Paige, posts his crap on Blognetnews but won’t put my posts on there unless she first gets a cattle prod stuck up her arse.

What’s up with the rest of the BNN? I’ve seen nobody condemn this punk for this post.  It’s all speculation now. Just as likely, I’ve already nailed what really happened, either here or here.

p.s. You gutless punk. I live near Richmond. Any time, any where.

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