Census Worker Hanged–White House Secret Memo Leaked


To: Dale Rathke and Bertha Lewis, ACORN

From: Rahm Emanuel

POTUS is on board, but does not know the details (“plausible deniability”).  “Hang ‘Fed'” is a go.  Preferably in some backwoods county in the Bible belt.  We’ll get our people in the mainstream media to blame it on talk radio and the Republicans. This will take the spotlight off ACORN, garner sympathy for The Cause, and rock the right-wing back on their heels.  About your concern that we should not actually kill a person, remember, Komrades, no single person (other than our “Dear Leader”) is bigger than The Cause and unexpendable. 

Burn this memo after you have received it.

Signed, “Rhambo”

One response to “Census Worker Hanged–White House Secret Memo Leaked

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