Census Worker Hanged–shortly after the U.S. Census Bureau severed ties with ACORN

A.P. Kentucky:  ACCORN Official Press Announcement:  ACORN officials have publicly stated that they are willing to forgive and forget the Census Bureau’s severing of ties with ACORN over recent false allegations  unfortunate revelations that were secretly taped by rightwing terrorists financed and supported by the GOP  misguided youths.  Now that all other census workers are scared to hell reticent about resuming census work in rural counties, ACCORN has a sufficient number of komrades hard-working employees who are ready and willing to step in and do the work that other census workers are no longer willing to do.  Thank you, and may Obama bless the People’s Revolution!

OBAMACORN!  Kneel before it!

OBAMACORN! Kneel before it!

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