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Dog bites man

Afghanistan: This time we REALLY support our troops, America!

Afghanistan: This time we REALLY support our troops, America!

“We support the Afghanistan war!”  J/K!   We just said that shit to get OBaMeistEr elected! But hey, next time, when we say that “we support the troops,” we REALLY will mean it, ok?

I can finally confess: William F. Buckley, Jr. bored the shit out of me

First, I admire the man and all that he did for the conservative movement. I’m not denigrating any of his achievements. I’m not denying his great influence.  But I am stating a fact. 

Good, not great

Good, not great

Second, I know that I am a bacteria on the back of a flea on a hair on a wart on the ass that is an elephant.  But he still bored me.  And he did not inspire me.  Mr. Buckley beat the “enlightened” liberals at their own game. He was as intelligent, as learned, and as eloquent, as any of them, and he was a useful tool in talking to them in the language that they knew and respected. And he even used their hoity toity pronunciation and dictation.

He had his place, but I wouldn’t want him to lead me out of the political trench into no mans’ land in the face of oncoming political machine gun fire.   Instead of “over the top, men!” one might hear from Mr. Buckley, “Assume an upright and standing position, shoulders erect, jaw thrust forward at an appropriate angle, with lifted visage, and exhalted visage.  Lift thine lower limbs appropriately to leverage yourself over the top of thine piles of muck and mire which constitute the soil which formerly resided in the trenches that have heretofor been your principal abode for lo these many weeks…”

BAM BAM BAM BAM POW POW POW! KAPOW! BOOOOOOOM!  Mr. Buckley and all those following would have been blown to smithereens.    I’d much rather let all those pseudo-intellectuals debate on “Firing Line” while Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levine and Glenn Beck lead we poor un-washed heathen into battle against the great unwashed horde of anti-American godless heathen that is the base of the Democrat party.  Tell me how he did, after we win the battle of hand to hand combat with the Devil’s Own, ‘K?

How President Obama can regain his popularity

Keep it up, Mr. President! Good job, bro!

Keep it up, Mr. President! Good job, bro!

Drop the far leftist agenda that he has been pursuing.  He ran as a centrist, pooh-poohing at the idea that we conserv atives were warning the country that he was a radical who would seek to imple ment all of the left’s radical ideas. 

Sadly, we were right. He was lying.  He lied about lowering taxes for 95% of U.S. citizens.  He lied when he claimed Afghanistan was a war worth fighting and winning–now  he is considering cutting and running so that his far left kook base will continue to support ObamaCare.  He lied when he said he wasn’t a socialist.  He favors restricting travel to Honduras, because they legally overthrew a would-be socialist dictator. Meanwhile, he favors lifting restrictions with Cuba, which is ruled by the iron fist of a socialist dictator. 

But I digress.  Free advice, President Obama: Want to regain your popularity? Just quit pursuing your socialist agenda. Instead of cramming legislation down the throats of unwilling Americans in a rush so great that the legislators and public don’t even have time to read the damn legislation, slow down and do what a majority of Americans want. We realize that you wouldn’t have been elected but for the help from the looney left. But you were elected by a vast majority who aren’t part of the looney left. You lied to them to get them to support you, and now you are betraying them. 

Granted, you have the political power to enact much of your legislation.  But you will lose and your party will lose in the long run.  You are chasing away moderates and independents, RINOs and non-partisans, at an incredible rate.  Pretty soon the Democrat party will consist of blacks and the looney left, and empty seats.

I realize that you know-it-alls would never deign to accept advice from a conservative. That’s fine, I don’t want  you or the Democrat party to prosper.  This great country lasted through four years of Jimmah Carter, it will survive four years of your abuse.  In fact, the Democrats are going to suffer a bloodbath in the next U.S. Congressional election if you keep going the way that you are.  Come to think of it, Mr. Obama, disregard everything that I’ve said here…

What does a senile racist look like?

West Virginia and Sen. Byrd are perfect for each other

West Virginia and Sen. Byrd are perfect for each other

If the Government can’t fix Medicaid, why should we trust it with ObamaCare?

From a Richmond Times-Dispatch article about a recent bipartisan conversation about health care: 

“Mary Evans had a diffe rent perspective. The Richmond resident is a patient-services counselor in a local emergency room, where she helps patients who mostly rely on the federal Medicaid program for the poor.”

“Evans said she sees more people coming to the emergency room with nonemergency concerns because they can’t get timely appointments with doctors who see Medicaid patients.”

“‘If the government can’t fix Medicaid . . . why should we turn this over to them?’ she asked, referring to a health-care overhaul.”

EXACTLY RIGHT!  As a lawyer who has dealt with hundreds of clients who are poor and on Medicaid, I can tell you that the system is broke.  Politicians–who know nothing about how the free market works–say that they want to lower the cost of healthcare, so what do they do? They cut the price that Medicaid will pay for certain medical procedures.  If the physicians charge $100 for a visit or a particular treatment, for instance, then Medicaid will pay them only $20.  And when the politician wants to lower the cost of services, they reduce even that amount, and say, OK, now Medicaid will only pay $17 for that same treatment. Sounds great in theory, hero politician reigns in the cost of health care! Ta da! Politician gets re-elected and trots off on his white horse to “fix” some other problem.

But in reality what happens is that physicians find that they can’t afford to treat patients who are insured by Medicaid.  You can opt out, but if you opt in, a physician can’t charge a Medicaid patient more than what Medicaid reimburses.   So many physicians opt out.  Then there is an artificial shortage of physicians who will treat Medicaid patients. 

Medicaid patients are poor, but not stupid, so as a result of them not being able to find regular doctors to treat them, they go to where they know that they can’t be denied service: they go to hospital emergency rooms.  For colds, for sore throats, for hang-nails, for constipation, for every little thing that the rest of us would go to a Patient First, a “Doc in Box” or our primary care physician.   Thus, they clog up the E.R.s around the nation seeking care for problems that aren’t really true emergencies, and make it harder for true emergencies to get help.

A similar problem is caused by the fact that since the hospitals and doctors only get reimbursed by Medicaid a fraction of what the actual cost of the goods or services are.  The same goes with Medicare, which is the government program for those over sixty-five. As a result of the government only paying a small percentage of what the actual cost of the goods or services are worth, the doctors and hospitals pass on the rest of the cost of those goods and services to us who pay full price and/or have private insurance. 

A large percentage of our current  “health care crisis” is directly caused by the U.S. Government!  The Government’s programs, also including SCHIP and the V.A. Hospital Administration, provide sub-standard care at such low prices that the true cost of providing such procedures are passed off on the rest of us, thereby making our own costs for such procedures or costs for private insurance, to skyrocket. As a result of skyrocketing costs, caused in large part by the Government programs, more and more people can’t afford insurance.  And so dishonest or naive politicians swoop in, claiming to have the fix for the problem that they in large part created in the first place.  And dupes such as those idiots at We Will RockDem, swallow the Democratic party line hook, line and sinker.  

“Government isn’t the solution to the problem, government is the problem.” Ronald Reagan.

Black African Americans are the real racists: Finally someone says what I’ve been saying all along


Say it loud, I'm black and I'm proud TO BE A RACIST!

Say it loud, I'm black and I'm proud TO BE A RACIST!

John Hawkins:

at TownHall: “Black Democrats put race first to elect Obama: It’s no longer a surprise when black Democrats vote as an almost monolithic block for Democratic candidates over Republicans. It’s just something that has come to be expected. However, when black Americans started voting for Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton by the same lopsided margins that people normally saw in general elections, it sent a simple message: With black Americans, race comes first. If white Americans felt the same way, there’s certainly no way that Barack Obama could ever have been elected President. Additionally, many white Americans pride themselves on having internalized Martin Luther King’s immortal words, “I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” It’s rather discouraging to know that the overwhelming majority of black Americans only believe those words when it suits their purposes.”

I’ve been pointing this out for months. “Shittiest President since Carter still enjoys 96% approval among blacks.” The Congressional Black Caucus is the most blatantly racist organization that is tolerated in America, herehere, and here.  Boycott black businesses? You are a racist! Only shop at black owned businesses? You are a black hero!