Doug Mataconis, Dumbass of the Year?

Even his law school correspondence professors hated  him?

Even his law school correspondence professors hated him?

Thank God this moron evid ently does not prac tice law any more (he could n’t be, right? while post ing an aver age of 20 stupid blog articles per day). 

Here’s today’s Example A of why Dumbass Dougie is such a moron.  First, he mindlessly posts exerpts of an article (which I had already seen), “Teen Birth Rate Highest in Most Religious States.”  D.D. can’t even come up with a new title, he even steals the title.  And he ads nothing to it except to mindlessly slurp up the liberal “conclusion” to which some other author had already jumped.  Never bother Dumbass Doug with little details, such as the fact that he might have jumped to the totally incorrect conclusion.

But fortunately, that’s what they pay me the big bucks for, to go behind the mere facts (and of conclusions to which others have jumped) and actually analyze the situation and make sense of it. Not so, for Dumbass Doug.  First, the stats don’t even support the title.  Three of the top seven states are not the “most religious.”  Nevada never has been accused of being “the most religious” state.

Second, Dumbass Doug concludes that the high birth rate must be because “abstinence only” is being taught and/or birth control isn’t being “talked about,” in those “most religious” states. Of course, that might be true, but there are zero stats in the article to support jumping to such conclusion.  In fact, the article actually hits on other factors that may be causing the higher teen birth rate (evidently Dumbass can’t even read English).  One main reason is because those “most religious” states may have a lower abortion rate. Duh! Less abortions = higher birth rate.  Note to Dougie’s law school by correspondence alma mater: Raise your standards on the I.Q.s of the students that you accept.

And also, a good look at the states that have the highest birth rate shows that many have high populations of black African Americans and hispanics.  A quick statistical survey shows that those two groups have a higher birth rate than whites, so of course they also would have a higher teen birth rate. Doh!  And African Americans have a much much higher rate of out-of-wedlock pregnancies, certainly nothing that you can attribute to “religiosity.”  Notice how many of the states with the lowest teen birth rate are lilly white? That would be what we call a “clue,” to those who actually have a brain.

Finally, “more religious” people as a general rule believe in having young people marry earlier than the godless (who screw anything and anybody until they finally settle down later in life).  A younger marriage means more legitimate births at a younger age, and, I’ll type this slowly for Dumbass Doug, a higher teen birth rate.  The facts certainly do not support your idiotic conclusion that it must be due to “not talking about contraceptives,” you ingoramous. 

Basically, Dumbass Dougie is an amoral godless liberal who never passes on an opportunity to make a cheap (and usually baseless attack) on people of faith.  Sorry, nitwit, but I’m more evolved than you, with a much larger brain, more common sense, and zero patience to suffer fools gladly.  You just keep on making your assinine conclusions, and I’ll keep on pointing out to the world how ignorant you are.

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