Is Smash Mouth Politics too edgy for BlogNetNews?

For some reason our posts have not been published on the BNN blogwire for over a month. Could it be that I publicly chastized Vivian Paige, The Virginia Editor, several times?  Here, here, here, here and here, for example. (Not politically correct, I know, but she deserved it each time. If you can’t stand criticism, don’t publish such shitty articles in your pathetic blog.)

I’m sensing some gutlessness around BNN. Of course I could wait and see if there is some innocent explanation, but that ain’t my style. I’ll just assume that Vivian is at fault until she is proven innocent.  Why would anybody want to have her as the Editor of anything anyways? Have you read her blog?

Update: Wow! I finally made it back onto BNN blogwire, within hours of making this complaint.  Go figure.  Hopefully, thanks to David Mastio, Editor of BNN…

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