President Obama: your socialist thug in Chief

What were you idiots thinking when you voted for this socialist pig?  We told you that he is a socialist dictator wannabe, but you all were too stupid to listen.

Latest (cumulatively overwhelming) evidence?  He is denying visas to Honduras, because they kicked out a socialist dictator wannabe.  Meanwhile, he is expanding visas for Cuber, because it is ruled by an actual socialist dictator.   

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?! For those of you not following the situation in Honduras, their el Presidente (or whatever they call them down there) was attempting to violate their constitution by running for a second term. Their congress and supreme court told him to stop, but he refused, so they kicked him out and appointed a successor who is only filling in until the next election. Sounds wonderful, sounds as though their system is working, right? But NOOOOOOOOO!  Don’t kick out a buddy of Hugo Chavez, don’t kick out somebody who wants to turn Honduras into the next Cuber or Venezuela.  Any friend of Castro or Chavez is a friend of Barry’s.

p.s. you morons who voted for Barry sorry yet?

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