Creigh Deeds’ email regarding McDonnell leaked

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God DAMN it!  What is wrong with the people of Virginia? I thought that they were all godless heathen who hated the religious right!!? You know, like my base does.  We thought that we had struck pure gold by releasing “the Thesis” and getting our lap dogs at the Washington Post to write about it 27 times in three days. Does nobody read the WaPo anymore? Does nobody read their echo chamber, the liberal blogs in Virginia? WTF? My poll numbers have stagnated worse than a pond filled with coal slag.  I should be ahead by now.  God DAMN those Virginians who believe in old-fashioned values!

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p.s. BWAHAAHAA! Google “creigh deeds for governor” and at the top of the page is McDonnell for Governor

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  1. Avoid those miserable colds. ,

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