Required reading for all citizens of the USA

If everyone grasped this we would be a United States of America again.  Liberalism would be seen by all as what it is: pure evil, disguised as good. “The Right to Everything.” (Only a couple of pages long, but pure genius.)

UPDATE: That article plays right into a theme that I have been contemplating for a few days.  I AM GLAD THAT I DID NOT MAKE A “CASH FOR CLUNKERS” DEAL ON A NEW CAR.  I was sorely tempted. If I could have afforded it I might have. (I’m cash-strapped having started a new business.)  But that program was wrong on so many levels.

First, it took money belonging to one set of people and redistributed it to another set of people.  That is what used to be known as theft. Now, since the institution of the “progressive rate” in the income tax , it is an accepted norm.

Second, to favor some is to treat the rest un-fairly.  Those who had just purchased new cars were treated unfairly. Those who were smart and did not have any “clunkers” to trade in were treated unfairly. Those who could not afford to make payments on a new car were treated unfairly.

Third, it tempts those of us against it on principle to take part anyway. It acts as a bribe almost: “Here, take this, then you can’t bitch next time when we raise your taxes and give the money to those over there who haven’t earned it and who don’t deserve it.”

Not to mention all the other reasons that have been brought up by those smarter than me.  It destroyed perfectly good “clunkers” and will raise the cost of second-hand vehicles. Most of the money for the new cars went to Japan and Korea. It created an artificial temporary stimulus, causing those who needed a new car soon to buy now, which will lead to a sales slump later when there are none buying later. 

The Government should stay out of the automobile business, but more importantly, it should stay out of the redistribution of wealth business.

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  1. and then one day atlas will shrugg and the world will wonder what happened

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