Top Arguments in favor of ObamaCare!

Trust me!

Trust me!

If you oppose ObamaCare, you are a racist! Or a teabagger! Or part of the vast right-wing conspiracy!

Jesus would support ObamaCare!

All those Canadians and Cubans can’t be wrong!

If you oppose ObamaCare, you must be bought and paid for by the evil drug companies! Or you have been brainwashed by the evil insurance

You love me!

You love me!

companies!  Or you are just too dumb to know what is good for you!

If you oppose ObamaCare, you must not have seen Michael Moore’s “Sicko”! Or worse, you must not have believed it!

If you oppose ObamaCare, you must “have” yours, and now you oppose those less privileged the chance to get theirs!

Umm, ugh, ummm,

Umm, ugh, ummm,

Why do you trust the Government with your mail, with building your roads (see NoVa), and with National Security (see CIA leaks), but not with your body? No, wait, I mean, ugh, uhm, WILL SOMEBODY FIX MY DAMN TELEPROMPTER?

3 responses to “Top Arguments in favor of ObamaCare!

  1. Hey, no wonder Fuzzy called me a racist….thank god…

  2. Don’t take my ObamaCare away from me!

    You can stay with what you have, but why deny health care to 32 million Americans that don’t have it.

    Why deny coverage to those with pre-existing conditions.

    Why not eliminate the donut hole in Medicare coverage.

    It is not socialized medicine, despite how some conservatives want to label it. They are afraid it will succeed. It is like a long list of progressive legislation they have opposed, from social security to civil rights.

    Why don’t you form a new confederacy, You have already recreated slavery with the sweatshops here and abroad. You want a theocracy, if not a military dictatorship. We just want the type of United States that lives up to its ideals that is represented in the Affordable Health Care of 2010 and other progressive legislation.

  3. Bob, we don’t generally call people stoopid who have a differing opinion, but with you, we might make an exception.

    With the onset of some of the provisions of Obamacare, already some people are losing their insurance coverage. That’s because it’s cheaper for companies to just pay the fine instead of continuing coverage for their employees. Think about it Bob…$ 2500 fine per employee..or $7500 or more premium cost per employee, if you were an employer, which would you choose? That’s going to force people into that government insurance pool. It’s all part of the plan to eventually evolve into a single payer system, much like they have in England. And how’s that working out after 60 years?…Not too good. The Brits are looking at ways to reform their health care system because IT DOESN’T WORK!!! It didn’t work there and it isn’t going to work here.

    By the way, has your doctor had that little talk with you yet? Mine has…or tried to. 😉


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