From the Richmond Daily Dispatch

Saturday, 1/12/1861:

The Senate [Virginia] was called to order at 12 o’clock by the President.  Prayer by Rev. Dr. J. L. Burrows, of the Baptist Church. Then it goes on to detail what the Senate did for the day…


Ditto. Prayer by Rev. Mr. Munnegerod of St. Paul’s Church.


Ditto. Prayer by Rev. Mr. Reach of the Presbyterian Church.


Ditto. Prayer by Rev. J. A. Duncan of Broad Street Methodist.


Ditto. Prayer by Mr. Seeley, Second Baptist Church [still there, my wife works there in the day care.]

And on and on it went. The Commonwealth was deciding whether or not to secede from the Nation, but the legislators always had time to open each session in prayer.

And you ACLU types who think that the State Police Chaplains can’t pray “in Jesus’ name” or who think that the City Counsel can’t open with prayer, think you are sooooo damn smart.  This Nation was founded on neutrality towards religion, not antagonism. It never occurred to the Founding Fathers that there was such a thing as a “Wall of Separation between Church and State” as we now have come to define it. That notion was actually turned on its head in the 1900s by “progressives” and anti-god liberals. Whereas when the country was founded with prayer and with the Bible as one of the primary books read by children, now the godless heathen have run prayer and the bible out of schools. I won’t ever forget where we came from. Nor cease to battle the godless heathen who got us where we are today.

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  2. I didn’t know it was possible. I no time to do it right now, but it is on my list after you gave me the idea. in the meantime, repost all you want with block and paste.

    p.s. know any blogs that already have it? maybe i could axe them

  3. I’ll look to help you when I can…been helping my gf with her route sales while I whittle away as a jobless cook…amazing. All I have been getting is that I am TOO experienced and no one want s to employ someone that is smarter than they are….

  4. SHIT, that was easier than I thought…go here and it will do it for you…

  5. On it asap. In a.m. AFTER whiskey for my men, Beer for my horses.

  6. Frank, I took the picture in my header directly from a photo that was on your blog, in your honor.

  7. That is why we are MEN among BOYS…we recognize and show respect…unlike the Mess I Uhh wold would kill his own parents, just to prove he is Black enough to be the First Black President…which he is not. Too bad Black America got fooled as well as Lowell did…sorry Lowell, truth hurts sometimes…

  8. Right on Frankie! And by the way, now that you seem to have some extra time, what is the best way to keep track of who visits your blog? My way just shows who refers people to my blog, or what google searches they made to find me. But it doesn’t show regular visitors. I have gobs of people who find me, but no idea how they found me.

    p.s. Offer of going fishing still stands. All you have to do is make it to Lake Anna, I’ve got all the expenses, equipment, etc…

  9. I use . . . it say it restricts it to 500 per month but I have not see them stop after 500 visitors…you can even label each IP address to keep track of the trouble makers and if you spend a little more time, you can even pin point the location of the computer…

    Thanks for the offer, some “issues” have arisen since last weekend that we are all dealing with…be in touch fo’ sho’ tho’

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