WHY I am not a liberal

Let’s face it, any of us could be a liberal. My maternal grandmother was a flaming liberal. My maternal grandfather was one of the original U.A.W.  He was there when they took over the G.M. plant in Flint  Michigan, during the first plant takeover.

But while you liberal girly-men were watching Walter Cronkite and Liberace, I was worshiping at the throne of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood.  When  you scum bags were burning flags and spitting on returning ‘Nam Vets, I was playing offense, defense and special teams on a mediocre high school football team. [OK, I fell for Jimmy Carter’s bull shit the first time. But I learned. I voted for Ronald Reagan the next election.] 

When you liberals were watching figure skating and learning how to crochet, I was watching Sugar Ray and learning how to track a wounded deer.

When you liberals were attacking Reagan’s tax cuts and assailing Ollie North for remaining true to our allies, I was gritting my teeth and getting an education, so I could support my family. And oppose liberal lies.

You liberals believed all that bull shit those hippies fed  you. You never learned that those radical professors in college and grad school didn’t know their asses from a hole in the ground. You never listened to those voices in your head that questioned where you came from, where you were headed, and what was going to happen to you when you die. You thought because you screwed around as a youth, that whatever anybody did, with anybody, was none of  your business.

You thought that stealing from the rich was ok, as long as you gave some of it to the poor.  Or at least if you meant to give some of it to the poor.  Even a little bit. You listening Lowell? 

When the Democrat Congress utterly cut off funds for the defense of Vietnam, you thought it was a victory for “the people.” When Hanoi Jane posed with the commies you cheered “You go, girl!”

And now. When a community agitator is elevated to the Presidency, you applaud him, no matter what he says or  does. You wear the cum stains as a badge of honor. Blue dress, smue dress, you are a bought and paid for Democrat partisan. GoooOOOOooooo TEAM!

One response to “WHY I am not a liberal

  1. I SHOULD have been ONE too. Mom and step-dad both employees of a UAW plant (filing cabinets, not cars) and still took a ration of shit for not bowing Like Obama and voting their party line. Imagine a day when a young man, whom once served in the US NAVY, discharged HONORABLY, and then became a small business owner. ALL THINGS LIBERALS HATE !

    Why O WHY mother, have I not felt the burn to have goose bumps up my leg yet?

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